Top 10 Best Bulk Domain Authority Checker

10 Best Bulk Domain Authority Checker

If you are excited to know more about the Top 10 Best Bulk Domain Authority Checker then you have reached the right page to explore more about the same.

If you are a blogger and want to earn more money from blogging some tools are must. The rankings of Google depend a lot on the DA of a website. If you are a student and want to earn through blogging then read here How to earn money online in India for Students. You will get all the proven ways to earn online that also sitting at home and with less investment in this article.

For a blogger Domain Authority Checker plays a vital role. According to Sam Bhatt the owner of Wiki Catch here are the Top 10 Best bulk Domain Authority Checker. Choose your best DA checker from the list below. Though you can give a try to all the Domain Authority Checkers.

Link Explorer

Link explorer helps in analyzing domain authority, inbound links, anchor text, top pages, linking domains, and many more. Even keywords can be ranked via Link explorer. It is one of the best tools from Moz.

By the use of domain authority, one can predict domain ranking between 0 to 100. It also helps in ranking the keywords to help the blogger and SEOs to rank their sites to be on the top list.

Website SEO Checker

Website SEO Checker is a free tool for checking the domain or SEO performance. Some of the tools it contains are domain age checker, HTML/XML sitemap, Google Index Checker, extract URL to a domain, spam score checker, bulk Alexa rank checker, keyword position checker, social share counter, and many more. This can be used to check the domain authority of many sites.

Features of Website SEO checker-

  • It is easy to Use
  • It gives accurate Results
  • No Cost Web Tool
  • Efficient and Reliable Tool
  • It helps in checking the URL in bulk


SitecChecker helps in analyzing the SEO ranking and score of your sites. Some of the tools that SiteChecker use is SEO monitoring, On-Page SEO checker, website backlink, health checker, etc. It contains everything to analyze the domain and site performance. It keeps eye on SEO audit reports and helpful for bloggers to get the right idea about the same.


It has several tools for keywords, domain analysis, competition spy, PPC performance, site audits, backlinks checking, and many more. One of the outstanding features of SEMrush is domain versus domain analysis. This makes it very easy for domain comparison. All the details of the competitors can be gathered via the state-of-the-art site.

This is one of the best or outstanding domains and site authority checker tools for bloggers, digital marketers, and businesses. You can take a SEMrush subscription at $99.95 per month or you can choose an annual plan of costs $83.28 per month.


Ahrefs is one of the most trusted and popular SEO tools for bloggers, digital marketers, keyword research, content research, website monitoring, backlink analysis, and many more. Once the site gets traction via any social media, SEO, or backlinks, the page, and domain authority start to perform well. The domain authority improves only when the site authority goes for good search work.

Aherfs focuses to help bloggers, marketers keep eye on the anchor texts, top landing pages, backlinks, and other domains in competition. All these support to increase the domain authority and other relatable things as per the requirement. It comes with a trial for a week for $7.

Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports is a free tool for Domain authority checkers. This helps in the MOZ ranking also.

Reasons why Search Engine Reports are use

  • It is the most reliable DA Checker
  • One of the easy to use User Interface
  • It comes it authentic results
  • Bulk DA Checks
  1. SEO Profiler


This comes with a complete package to keep track of the search engine optimization (SEO) of any website of a blogger or a business. Some of the things that you can check through this are site rankings, manage backlinks, mobile optimization, website uptime, and improve backlinks, website SEO audits, and many more.

You can access this for a week trial and later can choose for a standard plan of $46.


This is one of the fantastic domain authority checker tools to use online for free. It is easy to access and gives the chance to check the metrics too. One can choose the premium version to extend the limit of checking and make it user-friendly.

The reason why PrePostSEO is easy to access are:

  • 500 web pages can be pasted to get the detail of the Domain Metrics
  • It gives 100% Authentic Results
  • It helps in checking the Spam Score(SS)
  • Domain Age
  • In one click you can download the Excel file

PrepostSEO helps in knowing the issues or any shortcomings that is generally faced by the site Domain Authority.


SEMScoop makes the work easier by providing keywords research, SEO score, website audit, and many more to help those who have just started working on it.

For keyword research, this tool is very useful and popular. It helps in finding the top ranking keywords along with the keywords that are against it to make the site easier to use and informative.

The domain audit helps in finding out the domain authority, backlinks, MOZ rank, and many more to get proper information about the same. Such tools help in comparing competitor’s performance and guide the user to uplift their website if in case it shows a low score. It comes with free account access and with limited features. You can even choose to upgrade the plan as per your choice and requirement.


ClickMInded is one of the easiest tools to use. It tops the domain authority checker tool collections. To use such tools just a few clicks are needed and work is done rather than wasting time thinking that you are not a tech person how will you manage. It may take time to publish the result but it comes with an assurance that it is right or the result is accurate.

Some of the features of this tool are-

  • It goes for bulk checking of the website
  • It can check 25URLs at a time
  • Highly Reliable
  • Free to Use
  • Simple & Easy UI

The tool doesn’t limit you. One can feel free to use this tool without any second thought.


The above-mentioned TOP 10 Best Bulk Domain Authority Checker is in great use. Hope this article helps you a lot to understand the usages of such tools in a better way.


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