Top 10 Best Word Counter to Use in 2021


Are you looking for something new to explore and implement? If yes, then you arrived at the right place to get detailed information about the Top 10 word counter.

Word count not only helps in counting words and character it also adds online editing to enhance the writing style, use of appropriate words, check grammar mistakes, and plagiarism. It is easy to check word count by simply placing the cursor into the text box and start writing. When you start writing the number of characters and words keeps on increasing and reduces as you delete the text or edit it.

Many of them think is word counter that important? After a good research Wiki Catch suggest that word counter is vital for writers. A writer must know good word counter not only to count words but also to save the time. It makes you word counting easy. Go to the link above to find more such techniques. The website also list ways to make money online.

It is very important to keep an eye on the word count of a text. If anyone has to write minimum or maximum words for an essay, report, book, etc. it will help to fulfil the requirement. The Word counter helps to find the top 10 keywords for an article. The Top 10 word counter will help to show the gravity or density of the keywords used in percentage.

Many of them are not aware of the best word counter. Here is the list of Top 10 Word counters to explore as listed by the Manali Kothari – The owner of Career Flyes. You can find more such articles by clikcing in the above link.


One can upload the text file in any form like word, pdf, HTML, CSS, etc. You need to copy and paste the content or file. This is one of the best word counter apps with text counter-related features.

In case you try to import text from a CSS or HTML file then countwordsfree will delete The HTML identifiers, newlines, and extra spaces. This tool contains a word, character, and expression, etc checker in it. This also helps in numerals and punctuation counters.

  1. has clean GUI features in it. It represents the total words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs. It has a feature to check grammar which is not found in other online word count apps. The page counter gives the details of the length of the passage and the number of pages in which text is placed. It has keyword analyzer features too.


It has larger text counter characteristics long with paragraph, sentences counter, phrase, and character counter. It shows the percentage of keywords in the text. The SEO-optimized posts use keyword analysis in general. The reading and speaking time is also measured via this app.

  1. is like a calculator which shows the number of letters and characters in the text. The same is useful for tweets and other applications. One needs to copy and paste the text to count the letters written. This tool is good for English essay assignments, bloggers, or content authors. They need to have a license to access this tool to write their content.

  1. TranslatorsBase

This website is tailored to what you want to count on along with line, character, words, and pages. One can easily choose what they have to do whether they have to use numerals for counting or not. Just a click on the Measure button and the result will prop up in front of you with word count, lines, space characters, and many more.

  1. Rewriter Tools

This helps one to get a detailed idea about the number of words, characters with and without space are present in the text. Such a type of word counter represents the number of terms, letters, paragraphs, etc. These days or you can say in the tech-savvy world pen and paper are used more than such apps to write the content more confidently and with 100% accuracy.

  1. Counting Character

Counting characters is partly the same as Rewriter tools in terms of the number of words, characters with and without space. This gives a real-time idea of the letters, phrases, length of the sentences, and many more. Counting characters is a free online app to count words in any file. This helps in calculating the total characters, symbols, sentences written in the text.

  1. comes with very unique features to make it easy to use and attractive. It includes recording regular terms, non-words, and final help in measuring the final word count for the writer. It also counts the number of email addresses, digits, passwords, and many more to give detailed information on the content. The unique feature that is mentioned or present in this is the Ideogram option that will count the Chinese or Japanese words per character excluding space in one word.

The limitation of this app is that it does not allow the copy-paste option of the text. The texts that are uploaded in this are in the form of the word, excel, etc. The benefit of using such an app is that it erases the files permanently from the servers. You don’t have to download or sign-up for such an app and it is free to use.

  1. Word counter free by fossbytes

Word counter by Fossbytes is quick and easy to access for the website. This will count the final word count simply by copy and paste the files. It this way it will count the number of words, letters, paragraphs and many more just click on one key. It has very good user interfaces.

  1. Accurate word counter

Like other apps, this also includes word, character and it also measures your typing speed in minutes and seconds in the file. One can type in a word count or copy and paste the content into the accurate word counting program.

This app is a great partner for those who write essay assignments or write blogs. The writer needs to have the license for the same to use and get detailed information about their text or content.


The above-mentioned Top 10  Word Counter is best in use. The various features involved in these apps are of great use and easy to access. You can choose any of these to get the right word count and make your writing more unique and attractive. Hope this article will help you in a great way.

In case you find any other apps for word counters do drop a note to make the article more informative. This helps the writer or authors to make the article restricted to the word limit or reduce the word to fulfil the target.

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